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Full court slashes fines after ABCC's "confused" case

A full Federal Court has halved fines imposed on the CFMMEU and one of its officials after finding that the evidence in the ABCC's "factually confused" case failed to establish that an official pushed over a project manager during an entry dispute.

Wage case timetable; Query over Senate witness treatment; & more

Provisional wage review timetable approved; Secure jobs inquiry queries witness treatment; New FWC website to launch this weekend; Permit suspended after underwhelming case; Productivity Inquiry gets underway; Labour Hire Authority thwarts "phoenixing"; and Feedback sought on online hearings.

ABCC warned over "misuse" of powers

A FWC full bench has warned the ABCC it is a "misuse" of power to raise appeal grounds contrary to its initial position, while rejecting the construction watchdog's claim the tribunal must consider a need for general deterrence when deciding whether to suspend or revoke entry permits.

Near-maximum fines for CFMMEU entry breaches

A court has today imposed fines of 90% of the maximum on the "rogue" construction union and 80% on its Queensland leader for failing to provide 24 hours notice before officials entered a construction site for bargaining discussions with workers, after the head contractor insisted they be held off-site.

Court carpets ABCC over "inflammatory" claims

The Federal Court has criticised the ABCC's "misrepresentation" of evidence in pleadings and a media release, concluding the watchdog bore some responsibility for a subsequent report in a national newspaper that wrongly stated that a CFMMEU organiser made a "throat-slitting" gesture to a truck driver.

FWC swats McBurney in permit ruling

The FWC has issued a new permit to a CFMMEU organiser who asserted that a "no ticket, no start" policy applied on a Queensland construction site, while it has rejected ABCC Commissioner Steve McBurney's bid to "impugn" training provided by former tribunal member Jeff Lawrence.

FWC queries worker's potentially-fraudulent vax certificate

A senior FWC member has invited "relevant authorities" to investigate a potentially fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination certificate supplied to an employer by a worker claiming to have been unlawfully stood down.

BHP workers facing sack after recalibrated vax mandate

BHP says it will ask 35 Mt Arthur coal mine workers why it should not sack them if they continue to defy its vaccination mandate after engaging in a fresh FWC-assisted consultation process.