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FWC urges Rio to probe s-xual harassment allegation

After a wave of s-xual harassment and assault coming to light at remote mine sites, the FWC has told Rio Tinto it should conduct a "proper" investigation of what appears to be s-xual harassment of a former employee almost five years ago, but has ruled it has no power to make anti-harassment orders because he is no longer working for the resources giant.

Rebuffing five-year WFH bid not bullying: FWC

A university supervisor's rejection of an academic's five-year work-from-home application and his repeated "advice" about how to use students' work to reach research targets did not constitute bullying, the FWC has held.

High Court judges held to new standards of conduct

High Court employees accusing judges of inappropriate conduct can request formal external investigations, avoid further contact and if necessary secure an alternative position of equivalent status under a new policy on justices' workplace conduct.

Tribunal makes second substantive anti-harassment ruling

In what appears to be its second substantive ruling in its new anti-sexual-harassment jurisdiction, the FWC has found that a supervisor sexually harassed a casual chef when he badgered her to have sex with him, but has thrown out the case because the victim is no longer with the employer.

Westpac sacked me because I was 67, claims manager

A Westpac manager accused of directing s-xual comments and inappropriate GIFs to female colleagues in online team meetings claims in an adverse action case that his sacking was in fact motivated by his own complaints of age discrimination, bullying and overwork.