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"Bald" slur was s-xual harassment: UK tribunal

A long-serving employee called a "bald c--t" during an argument with a shift supervisor suffered harassment based on his s-x, a UK tribunal has ruled.

Adverse action finding "contaminated" by conspiracy theory

The Federal Court has ordered a case be retried after finding the chair and temporary chief executive of a large charity were not afforded a chance to properly challenge a ruling that they conspired to oust a problematic finance team member caught up in divisive internal politics.

Communication of sacking can't be outsourced to cops: FWC

The FWC has cleared the way for a worker accused of "disruptive menace" and assaulting the chief executive to pursue a general protections claim against his former employer, holding it could not delegate to police the task of telling him he had been sacked.

Vax-hesitant risk manager sought "irrelevant" risk assessment: FWC

The FWC has upheld the sacking of a risk and compliance manager who refused to meet a vaccination deadline, dismissing her request for a risk assessment as irrelevant in the context of approved COVID-19 vaccines and public health orders.

Multinational's HR "sloppiness" not adverse action: Court

"Diffuse" employment-related decision-making processes in sprawling corporations pose a particular challenge for those trying to establish they have been dismissed for prohibited reasons, according to a federal court judge.

"Pyrrhic victory" for unvaxxed worker sacked prematurely

The FWC has held that an aged care employer acted "prematurely" in dismissing an unvaccinated employee barred by state health orders from attending the workplace, finding no reason why he could not have continued to work from home as he had done for almost two years.

"Disrespect" for HR manager's directions justified sacking: FWC

The FWC has upheld the sacking of a chef despite scant evidence he made discriminatory remarks, finding his failure to follow a HR manager's instructions constituted a valid reason and WorkCover certificates from a "malleable" doctor severely compromised his credibility.