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AFLW player leads vax mandate challenge in SA

In what looms as the country's most sophisticated legal challenge to compulsory workplace vaccinations to date, South Australia's Supreme Court will tomorrow begin hearing a case featuring a frozen-out player from the Australian Football League's elite women's competition, a respected vaccine developer and a former federal court judge.

Vax mandate attached new "regulatory requirement" to job: FWC

In a thinly-veiled shot at a tribunal colleague who used her position to criticise vaccine mandates, a senior FWC member has emphasised that it is not for the Commission to undermine the law by entertaining parties' "alternative policy preferences".

"Big win" for Deliveroo ahead of reactivated case

Deliveroo's appeal against a finding that driver Diego Franco is an employee is set to be revived following today's High Court Jamsek and Personnel Contracting judgments that affirm that employment relationships are substantially defined by contractual terms.

High Court rulings on employment relationships "frightening": Stewart

The implications of today's High Court decisions affirming the primacy of contractual terms in determining employment relationships are "extremely concerning, perhaps even frightening" for those concerned about the integrity of the IR system, an academic says.

High Court lays down rules on independent contractors

The High Court has affirmed the primacy of contractual terms in determining employment relationships, finding a construction worker was an employee of a labour hire company and that two truck drivers were independent contractors despite decades of exclusive service to a solitary business.

Virgin deleting COVID vax proof after health profile concerns

The aircraft engineers union says no employers should require proof of COVID-19 inoculations that include individual healthcare identifiers, with Virgin agreeing in consent orders to delete the material amid concerns they could be used to access medical histories for other purposes.

Parliament does not meet workplace standards: AHRC report

The Australian Human Rights Commission has recommended an independent body be established to enforce parliamentary codes of conduct after a third of staffers responding to its workplace review reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment.