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It's time for 4% wage target to remedy pay crisis: Paper

As wage stagnation and cost-of-living issues continue to feature in the federal election campaign, a new report shows Australia has experienced the greatest deceleration in real pay growth in the OECD since 2013, despite its relatively strong employment growth and low unemployment, suggesting that policy and institutional factors are the main culprit, rather than market forces.

Headline inflation rising at double the rate of wages

Just weeks before the May 21 election, annual consumer price inflation has surged to 5.1% annually in the March quarter, well ahead of private sector wage growth of 2.4%, which remains near historic lows.

Familiar hurdles in place for women in gig economy: Report

Women are half as likely as men to engage in digital platform work and earn between 10% and 37% less when they do so, according to a Victorian Government-commissioned report that will inform State-based standards for the gig economy.

Innovate to revive union influence, power: Forsyth

Unions must adopt inventive strategies such as those used by Hospo Voice and RAFFWU to connect with and recruit workers, alongside the organising model used for the past 20 years, but legislative change is also necessary to enable multi-employer bargaining and allow industry-wide or supply-chain based protected action in support of it, according to a leading IR academic.

Private sector annual pay growth remains flat: ABS

Private sector rates of pay excluding bonuses increased by 2.4% annually in the December quarter, unchanged from the September quarter, but accelerated slightly over the last three months of the year, according to the ABS.