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Opposition faces down criticism of minimum wage stance

In the face of criticism from a peak employer body, Labor has maintained its support for an increase in the minimum wage matching the current inflation rate of 5.1%, while hinting that it will make further announcements before the Federal election on Saturday week.

It's time for 4% wage target to remedy pay crisis: Paper

As wage stagnation and cost-of-living issues continue to feature in the federal election campaign, a new report shows Australia has experienced the greatest deceleration in real pay growth in the OECD since 2013, despite its relatively strong employment growth and low unemployment, suggesting that policy and institutional factors are the main culprit, rather than market forces.

Roundtable pushes parties to embrace free childcare, living wage

The next federal government should establish free early childhood education, amend the Fair Work Act to provide a legal right to a living wage for all workers, extend paid parental leave to 32 weeks and make the treasury responsible for "gender responsive budgeting", according to an academic group's report.

FWC "balance" among Federal election battlegrounds

The FWC faces major changes after the May 21 Federal election, with the winner entrusted with appointing a successor to President Iain Ross and Labor pledging to "rebalance" the tribunal after a succession of appointments from an employer background.

Pressure on pay secrecy after CBA, Westpac retreats

The FSU has vowed to continue pressuring financial services employers to ditch pay secrecy clauses following last week's decisions by the Commonwealth Bank and Westpac to expunge the obligations from new and existing contracts.

Resource employers prod parties over IR reform

In a clear effort to turn up the heat on IR reforms ahead of the federal election, the resource sector's peak employer body has urged all major parties to commit to introducing key parts of the Morrison Government's so-called Omnibus Bill that were hastily jettisoned last year.

NZ government moves on industry-wide bargaining

New Zealand's Ardern Labour Government has introduced legislation to enable occupational and industry-wide bargaining where unions can demonstrate worker support, or it passes a public interest test.

ACTU trains sights on "MIA" PM

The ACTU has distributed to thousands of union member households a trio of election corflutes that seek to mock Prime Minister Scott Morrison over his 2019 Hawaiian holiday as the "black summer" bushfires roared, ahead of the Coalition's attempted spending counter-attack in today's Federal Budget

"Big choice" at election on IR regulation: Stewart

With the Coalition confirming it is still committed to remaining measures in its Omnibus Bill and Labor pledging to double down on insecure work, labour law academic Andrew Stewart says in a pre-Budget policy analysis that the nation faces a "big choice" on IR regulation.