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CFMMEU says claim on burgeoning business justified

The CFMMEU's manufacturing division has defended a claim for annual pay rises of 4% at a major Melbourne packaging plant, arguing the business has boomed during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Inflation returns; Amazon's defence; & more

ABS data confirms the return of consumer price inflation; Amazon rejects engineer's adverse action claim; and FWC's Ross to deliver Keith Hancock lecture.

Leadership settled in newly-unified FAAA

The AEC has confirmed that candidates for leadership positions in the Flight Attendants' Association's new unified structure have been elected unopposed, making Teri O'Toole its first federal secretary in control of international and domestic assistant secretaries.

Police officer's side hustle reason to lose confidence: Bench

A tribunal full bench has upheld a former senior constable's removal from the force after he become embroiled in criminal and integrity matters arising from his involvement in a bakery business, finding the police commissioner entitled to lose confidence in his honesty.

Labor's questions divert ROC's attention

The Registered Organisations Commission has spent up to 42% of its recent work time responding to questions on notice from Labor's Senator Kimberley Kitching, according to one of its senior officers.

Video hearings languish as FWC goes virtual

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic in mid-March underpinned an increase in the number of FWC hearings and conferences in the year to June 30, and a near-doubling of those conducted by phone, but failed to spark a corresponding shift in the use of video as the world turned to Zoom and Teams.

Hanson senator a threat to IR bill

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has warned that his longstanding concerns over the treatment of casual coal mining workers could influence his vote on the Morrison Government's forthcoming IR Bill.

Employer's "tin ear" over remote worker's COVID-19 pressures

In a decision highlighting the challenges of managing remote workers during a pandemic, the FWC has awarded compensation to a salesperson dismissed after a director took exception to her attitude during a teleconference and drew negative conclusions about her productivity after scrutinising her Instagram posts.