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Greens lament Labor backdown on nurse to patient ratios

NSW Greens have expressed disappointment that Labor MPs have refused to recommend nurse to patient ratios in a Parliamentary regional health inquiry despite previously pursuing it as an election policy, while the NSWNMA says its job is to convince the ALP it is achievable.

SA Labor Government to move on wage theft, labour hire

South Australia's new Premier, Peter Malinauskas, takes office on a platform that includes introducing jail time for the worst cases of wage theft, creating an offence of industrial manslaughter and extending labour hire regulation across all industries.

Biden union organising report might assist Labor

A leading IR academic says a new White House report on union organising and empowerment could be a source of ideas for Labor if it takes power at the likely May election.

Canberra should refer all docks blues to arbitration: Farmers

The NFF says the Federal Government should use its existing powers to routinely and rapidly refer all potential waterfront disputes to arbitration so that importers and exporters are no longer "held to ransom as a bargaining chip" between maritime workers and infrastructure owners.

PC to consider new NES carer entitlement

A Productivity Commission inquiry will explore whether to permit "informal carers" to take extended unpaid leave to support elderly friends and relatives, while submissions are due in April on a study of what might happen if priority is given to direct employment of aged care workers.

Inquiry seeks to maintain presumption of work-acquired COVID-19

A NSW Upper House inquiry has called for parliamentarians to reject legislation that would remove the presumption that workers in frontline industries who acquired COVID-19 did so at work, giving them speedy access to support through the workers compensation system.