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Workplace watchdog probing university underpayments

The FWO has confirmed it is now investigating three universities after the University of Sydney became the latest to reveal multimillion-dollar underpayments, while the NTEU blames mass casualisation for creating the conditions for "wage theft".

FWC's Kovacic had poor opinion of umpires: Brother

Mourners at today's live-streamed funeral service for John Kovacic heard that the otherwise mild-mannered man who joined the nation's industrial umpire in 2013 became a different character when he attended a rugby league match featuring his beloved Wests Tigers, when referees making adverse rulings were "blind", or "stupid".

Ice hockey player suing league after homophobic vilification

An "openly bis-xual" Canadian ice hockey player is suing the Australian national league for failing to register him for a second season, accusing it of taking adverse action on the basis of his s-xuality and complaints about homophobic vilification.

ACTU lament as employers, government toast High Court leave case win

ACTU secretary Sally McManus has called for legislative changes to lock in 10 days paid personal leave each year for all employees regardless of hours worked, following a High Court decision today she claims blows a "massive" hole in the nation's defences against COVID-19.

Left-field Virgin bidder dangles board spot for workers

A would-be new bidder for Virgin Australia has dangled the carrot of possible "employee representation" on the board of the re-launched airline in an attempt to win support from aviation unions.

Listed company sued over abrupt COVID-19 sacking

A former labour hire design engineer who claims he became an ASX-listed company's direct full-time employee is seeking redundancy pay and more than six years of entitlements after it allegedly sacked him with one day's notice due to COVID-19.

Newsflash: High Court overturns Mondelez leave decision

A High Court majority has rejected union arguments that employees working longer than standard hours are entitled to use those hours as the basis for calculating their entitlement to 10 days paid personal/carer's leave for each year of service.

"Hero" nurses on track for 3% pay hikes

The Victorian government has pledged to honour promised pay rises totalling 9% over four years to nurses and midwives working in the State's public health system, along with a "one-stop shop" for long service leave.