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Older workers stuck in low-paid jobs: Report

An FWC-commissioned study probing the characteristics of low-paid award-reliant workers and their propensity to move to a better paying job has suggested that policymakers need to focus on helping older, less-educated employees to obtain higher incomes.

High Court denies FWO leave to appeal piecework case

The High Court has today rejected the FWO's bid for special leave to challenge a full Federal Court ruling on whether hundreds of casual mushroom workers on non-compliant piecework agreements are entitled by default to be paid hourly rates under the horticultural award.

Virgin Australia pilots sue for millions

A group of Virgin Australia pilots suing the airline for about $2 million claim a commitment to provide command positions or equivalent pay by mid-2016 entitles them to captains' future salary increases under a new deal, regardless of whether they perform the role.

CFMMEU appeal erases publication order, but little else

A full Federal Court has largely dismissed the CFMMEU's broad-ranging appeal against more than $300,000 in fines imposed for attempting to force a contractor into signing a union-approved deal, agreeing only that publication orders served no purpose and that too much was made of an "eenie meenie miney mo!" text message.

Qantas delivers pilots long-haul ultimatum

Qantas has issued an ultimatum to long haul pilots, giving them until the end of March to vote up a new deal before it establishes a separate entity to engage those who will fly its Project Sunrise non-stop international routes.

Time for ACCC to step up on gig contracts: Stewart

Adelaide University Professor of Law Andrew Stewart says it is time for the ACCC to consider reviewing the fairness of gig workers' contracts under Australian Consumer Law, after groundbreaking analysis raised doubts about clauses used by leading digital platforms such as Uber, Airtasker and Deliveroo.

Pink hair and s-xual objectification didn't justify sacking

The FWC has held that a service station operator "set about" dismissing a worker after she filed a compensation claim, unfairly sacking her over her pink hair, s-xual objectification of a male customer and derogatory comments, despite having some valid reasons.

HR manager "ambushed" worker at disciplinary meeting: FWC

The FWC has taken a disability care provider to task over the process followed in dismissing one of its workers, finding she was "summonsed" by its HR manager "to participate in an ambush of her employment".