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Porter retains Watson as key advisor

New federal IR Minister Christian Porter has retained former FWC vice president Graeme Watson as his senior IR advisor.

Court rules on job security clause

An employer has failed to establish that a job security clause in a deal rolled out as part of United Voice's Clean Start industry campaign is prohibited, with a court holding that it creates an "absolute obligation" for contract winners to offer jobs to those working under outgoing contracts.

Dismissal rebounds on employer

Sacking a speeding truck driver who hit a kangaroo on a country road was disproportionate to his conduct, the FWC has held, finding he was denied a chance to explain or challenge GPS data.

Gig workers unaware of their rate of pay: Survey

Most workers on digital platforms are paid per task or job and 40% do not know what they earn per hour, according to Australia's largest national published survey of on-demand work.

Setka blue sparks demark battle

The leadership of the CFMMEU construction and general division's Victorian branch has pledged to "no longer recognise traditional long-held membership coverage and demarcation lines" with unions that have called for the resignation of John Setka.