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No option but to dismiss 'whistleblower' lawyer: AMP

The Federal Court has ordered AMP and a senior lawyer to respond to each other's requests for more information about her $2.5 million adverse action case after it sacked her for using confidential documents during mediation.

Variation talks snuff PABO bid; and more

Variation talks snuff PABO bid; Police industrial action warns motorists of speed cams; and Court rejects Kmart's "excessive" $92,000 costs bid.

Unfair dismissal applicant's death ends proceedings

In a decision affirming that unfair dismissal cases without reasonable prospects of success cannot be "assigned" to others, the FWC has dismissed an application after learning that the worker involved had died in a road accident.

Sacked airline employee not persecuted over s-xuality: FWC

The FWC on re-hearing a Chinese airline employee's unfair dismissal case has rejected claims that his supervisor persecuted him because of his homos-xuality, instead finding his blatant dishonesty to be a further valid reason for his sacking.

We need to talk about non-union deals, say academics

The "largely invisible" non-union agreements stream that has been a distinguishing feature of Australia's IR system for more than 25 years has been all but ignored in public and academic debates over the past decade, according to leading researchers.

Dumped leader chases listed company for $700K-plus

The former chief executive of live animal exporter Wellard is suing the ASX-listed company for more than $700,000 plus damages and seeking reinstatement as a director as part of an adverse action claim alleging it unlawfully dumped him.

AMA sutures union alliance

The AMA has retracted claims that the Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation does not have the interests of joint members at heart or that it could provide comparable IR support, confirming their alliance is not over yet.