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Coalition to provide COVID-19 wage subsidies

The Morrison Government has today committed to a "job keeper" wage subsidy scheme that will provide a flat $1500 a fortnight for workers with employers that have suffered a downturn of at least 30% to 50% due to the coronavirus pandemic.

PABO approved for coronavirus "essential business"

The FWC has approved a protected action ballot at a major personal protection equipment company declared an "essential business" in the battle against coronavirus, after the employer withdrew multiple objections.

Interim bullying orders not anti-sacking "tool": FWC

A senior FWC member says the tribunal cannot issue interim anti-bullying orders merely because there is a serious question to be tried, while it has made it clear to a worker that such an order is not a tool to prevent her dismissal until her matter is determined.

Unions applaud revised position on COVID-19 wage subsidies

The ACTU has welcomed the Morrison Government's apparent shift towards wage subsidies to assist those thrown out of work by the coronavirus crisis, while Canberra has received a further extension for its minimum wage case submission.

Bench makes COVID-19 changes to clerks award

An FWC full bench has today granted a coronavirus-driven variation to the clerks' award that provides more flexibility to work at home, take leave and reduce hours.

Labour movement united in pushing for wage subsidies

Unions and the ALP today secured support from a key business group as they continue to pressure the Morrison Government into paying UK-style wage subsidies to coronavirus-affected workers, against a background of tripartite cooperation not seen for 25 years.

AEC attendance halt delays PABO voting

The AEC will no longer conduct attendance ballots for protected industrial action until the coronavirus crisis is resolved, prompting the FWC to vary multiple union PABO applications in order to delay the close of voting and allow for postal ballots.

Extended talk after asbestos scare unprotected action: Court

The Federal Circuit Court has held that an employer was obliged to dock four hours' pay from workers attending a lunchtime talk on asbestos that ran 45 minutes over time, noting a supervisor who considered it "unremarkable" had no authority to extend the meeting.