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FWC refuses to stop IR manager shadowing MUA organiser

The FWC has refused to ban an IR/HR manager from sitting in a lunchroom while an MUA organiser meets with members at Melbourne's Webb Dock container terminal, but the tribunal says there is "no longer any requirement" to keep him under close observation.

Facebook rant about employer didn't justify sacking: FWC

An employer overreacted by sacking a long-serving-employee for a one-off breach of its company's social media policy when she posted derogatory comments about its directors on Facebook, the FWC has found.

Too stressed to work after "political" rally

Defending ABCC claims against more than 50 steelworkers and two AWU organisers accused of encouraging them to strike, the union has told a court they attended a "political" Change the Rules rally before stopping work for OHS reasons as they were stressed about their employer's response.

Blind worker settles wage-calculation challenge

A disability employment services provider has reached an undisclosed settlement with a legally-blind worker in the Federal Court after he challenged the fairness of an assessment tool used to set his wage.

Union lashed over delaying agreement approval

The CFMMEU has been lashed for its role in delaying the approval of a three-worker agreement replacing an expired deal, the FWC questioning whether it was pursuing an "agenda" rather than assisting the tribunal as required under the relevant legislative provisions.

Teacher strikes threatened after wage parity "breach"

The IEU is accusing Queensland Catholic school employers of breaching a 30-year commitment to maintain wage parity with public sector teachers and rejecting all proposals to address work intensification, leaving members with "no other choice but to escalate" their campaign.

Union accuses employer of "industrial gerrymander"

The FWC is seeking fresh evidence as to whether the Uniting Church fairly carved out a group of Wesley Mission workers to be covered by a new deal after a larger cohort rejected an earlier offer, while the nurses' union has refused to sign the "unworthy" agreement.