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Bench makes COVID-19 changes to clerks award

An FWC full bench has today granted a coronavirus-driven variation to the clerks' award that provides more flexibility to work at home, take leave and reduce hours.

Labour movement united in pushing for wage subsidies

Unions and the ALP today secured support from a key business group as they continue to pressure the Morrison Government into paying UK-style wage subsidies to coronavirus-affected workers, against a background of tripartite cooperation not seen for 25 years.

AEC attendance halt delays PABO voting

The AEC will no longer conduct attendance ballots for protected industrial action until the coronavirus crisis is resolved, prompting the FWC to vary multiple union PABO applications in order to delay the close of voting and allow for postal ballots.

Extended talk after asbestos scare unprotected action: Court

The Federal Circuit Court has held that an employer was obliged to dock four hours' pay from workers attending a lunchtime talk on asbestos that ran 45 minutes over time, noting a supervisor who considered it "unremarkable" had no authority to extend the meeting.

COVID-19 variations impel new take on safety net: Employers

The coronavirus pandemic requires a temporary but fundamental reconsideration of the Fair Work Act's safety net, according to a joint bid to vary a key award to provide substantial operational and hours flexibility.

NSW passes COVID-19 long service changes

NSW has passed legislation to give workers earlier and more flexible access to long service during the COVID-19 pandemic and possibly providing a model for other states.