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Scramble for seats at PM's IR roundtables

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's plan for a dialogue with unions and employers over changes to workplace laws has sparked a scramble among stakeholders to get a seat at the table.

Prison plumber's behaviour beyond redemption: FWC

The FWC has upheld the dismissal of an unrepentant prison plumber who claimed to have been sacked without formal warning for repeatedly falsifying timesheets after being "pushed" to charge for extra hours.

"Certain risks" if JobKeeper ends too early: RBA

The Labor Opposition has seized on a warning by Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe that the JobKeeper wage subsidy should not be phased out too soon, insisting it identifies the dangers of the government's "snap back" strategy.

Post-midnight injury not connected to employment: Court

In a significant ruling on "connection" to employment, a court has rejected a Telstra manager's compensation claim made after she hurt her hip slipping on wet tiles following a night "on the town" during a work trip.

Anti-bullying ruling highlights HR department's "significant failure"

The FWC has recommended a large employer's human resources department do a better job of supporting employees returning after injury, noting a nurse's failed bullying claim demonstrates the difficulties workers face when HR is not properly involved.

Transport union pushing ahead with gig worker test cases

The TWU is continuing with its bid to establish that gig workers are employees, lodging an unfair dismissal claim on behalf of a Deliveroo rider allegedly sacked for slow deliveries and launching a challenge to a full bench finding that an Uber rider was not an employee.

COVID-19 wage freeze for NSW public sector

The NSW Government has imposed a 12-month wage freeze on its 408,000-strong public sector workforce, but has provided a job security guarantee for the same period.

Government flags new unlawful conduct curbs in construction

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's headland speech on a new approach to IR change extended an olive branch to unions by dropping the "ensuring integrity' legislation, but also raised the prospect of further measures to crack down on unlawful behaviour on construction sites.