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CFMMEU's "astounding" recidivism again factored into penalties

The see-sawing jurisprudence about whether historical workplace breaches should count towards penalties took another turn today, as a judge squarely positioned in the 'yes' camp affirmed that he would continue to factor-in the CFMMEU's "astounding" record, even for trivial offences.

Union leaders canvass perils and pitfalls of IR roundtables

Hot on the heels of ACTU secretary Sally McManus telling a webinar she had "no illusions" about working with a conservative government, a major affiliate has described the IR roundtable process as "deeply problematic" and claims that awards are too complicated as "bullshit".

Ferrari HR knew what was going on under the hood: Ex-chief

Ferrari Australasia's former chief executive alleged its HR bosses knew before his sacking that very senior officers routinely had consensual sexual relationships with subordinates, in an adverse action claim now discontinued over privacy concerns.

COVID-19 IR taskforce brought old foes together

The Morrison Government established an IR working group, chaired by former ACTU secretary Greg Combet and including a key legal advisor to the MUA during the bitter 1998 waterfront dispute, as a trouble-shooting body at the height of the COVID-19 restrictions and business shutdowns in April.

HR manager's post-merger redundancy genuine: FWC

An HR manager has failed to convince the FWC that a newly-merged company didn't genuinely scrap his role, while his refusal to move from his home town cruelled any redeployment opportunities.

Ousted union secretary seeks reinstatement, penalties

Former FSU Victoria and Tasmania local executive secretary David Scanlon is suing the union and seven members of its local executive for ousting him in February, after he refused to send a nominated delegation to an ALP state conference.

Misrepresented redundancy cost me $428K, claims manager

A former BP manager is suing Puma Energy for almost half a million dollars in redundancy pay after he was sacked in the wake of his new employer acquiring the petroleum giant's local bitumen business.

ABCC investigating "outrageous" pattern deals

The ABCC is investigating allegations that the CFMMEU pressured more than 100 NSW sub-contractors into signing up to a new three-year pattern agreement providing 5% annual pay rises and fixed rostered days off.