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FWC rejects union's "preposterous" conspiracy theory over deal

The FWC has in approving an agreement voted up by two of three workers accepted the employer's claim that union opposition was premised on a "preposterous" conspiracy theory that it manipulated the process by making two CEPU members redundant during negotiations.

FWC extends time after "true hardship"

A senior FWC member has extended time for an unfair dismissal claim for a retail worker dealing with domestic violence, illness, homelessness and a lack of funds, acknowledging her "true hardship, genuine struggle the likes of which I do not often see".

Porter promises pragmatic package of IR changes

Any IR legislative package introduced by the Morrison Government after the working groups process will be pragmatic, balanced and realistic and won't be ideologically-driven, IR Minister Christian Porter told employers in WA this morning.

FWC backs BHP's expulsion of defecating worker

The FWC has upheld BHP's sacking of a mineworker who twice defecated in an active drill hole, despite finding it unavoidable on one occasion due to his urgent and explosive diarrhoea.

Premature to consider troops on docks: PM

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says a dispute between Patrick and MUA hasn't got to the point where it would be necessary to consider bringing in troops to ensure continuity of supply.

Universities reject "wage theft" allegations

Universities have sought to blunt an NTEU campaign that alleges there is widespread "wage theft" in the tertiary education sector, telling the Senate's "unlawful underpayments" inquiry in a wave of submissions that the claims are unsubstantiated.

Enterprise union not genuine: UWU

The UWU has objected to the registration of a new enterprise union at a Victorian food manufacturing company, arguing it is not a genuine association to protect members' interests and its proposed rules imply employer influence or control.